Active Directory

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Active Directory

Authenticate Miracle Mobile App users against your enterprise’s Active Directory. Configure the Active Directory Authentication Connector to effectively manage user data and security.

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Authenticate Users via Active Directory

Deliver Active Directory’s robustness and security-enhancing capabilities to your mobile forms. Easily configure the Active Directory Authentication Connector, and benefit from the system’s authentication and authorization mechanisms in minutes.

Boost Productivity While Saving Time

Use credentials saved already in your enterprise’s Active Directory. Save the time otherwise spent in generating new credentials, and improve efficiency and overall productivity with single sign on.

Speed Up Task Assignment to Individuals and Groups

Synchronize Active Directory users and groups for quicker task assignment. Configure the Active Directory connector, and easily assign tasks to users via Miracle Mobile App. Speed up processes and the overall workflow for surefire success.

Connect. Authenticate. Task.

Connect Active Directory to your mobile forms. Authenticate users, or task them with important actions or forms to automate your workflow.

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Enterprises Currently Enjoying this Feature

The following clients have connected their mobile forms to Active Directory to authenticate users. Will your logo be featured along these industry leaders soon?