Advanced Features for IT and Developers

Advanced Features for IT and Developers2019-10-30T14:58:48+08:00

Advanced Features for IT and Developers

Accelerate development of native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Use advanced features like page and form versioning, app migration, auto-tables creation in databases, multi-tenant apps, device tracking, auto-updates, data filtering and more to create really powerful apps that integrate with all of your back-end systems.

One-Click Migration

Migrate apps, or even individual app components, from one environment to another with a single click. Every app comes with development, staging and production environments. Create unlimited development environments without affecting production apps. One-Click Migration is a really powerful change management and app publishing tool.

Database Audit Trail

Configure audit fields (Created By, Created On, Modified By, Modified On) in your database automatically through Miracle Mobile’s powerful connectors framework, and keep track of who is filling out or modifying forms at each step of your business process. Meet today’s compliance regulations with detailed audit logs.

Auto-Creation of Tables

Save time creating database tables in MySQL or Microsoft SQL to store data from Miracle Mobile Forms. Miracle Mobile’s powerful database connectors allow you to auto-create all tables and their relationships in the back-end databases, with just a single click.

Version Control

Miracle Mobile Forms has very powerful version control and management. Check-out and lock out forms before editing, check-in for peer review and then publish to make forms and apps available to business users.


Run multiple instances of mobile applications for multiple tenants (organizations/businesses) with centralized administration through state of the art Miracle Studio. Secure confidential data for each tenant. Expedite maintenance, updates and upgrades while maintaining a very low cost base.

Mobile App Updates

Make swift updates to entire app or individual app components (individual forms, pages, entities and tasks) without the need to install an update from the Apple Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store. Pull to refresh to fetch latest changes to your mobile app, instantly.

Auto-Update Mobile Apps

Enable auto-updates in Miracle Studio to ensure business users have the latest forms and business logic whenever they launch the app. Eliminate the risk of using old versions of forms and mobile app, which can result in wrong data collection and other issues.

Data Filtering

Apply advanced data filters to control how much data you download on business users’ mobile device from the cloud. Increase your app performance and speed by downloading only relevant data. Very useful when dealing with thousands of records that are required for offline use.

Device Management

Keep a track of all mobile devices that use one or multiple mobile apps. Take control of which devices run your app, switch off Miracle Mobile on any device, anytime with a single-click. Ideal for companies who have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Maximize the security of your data with Miracle Mobile’s Device Management.


With Miracle Mobile, data is secure on your mobile device, in transit and at rest as it reaches back-end systems in your enterprise. We use state-of-the-art security algorithms and data classification schemes to ensure your transactional data is safe and protected.

Business Logic Expressions

Gain full control over form elements and submissions with business logic expressions. Write simple or complex expressions to carry out arithmetic operations, apply data filters, and set triggers and actions. Ensure dynamic data manipulation to create forms which deliver robust performance every time.

Mathematical Calculations

Accurately generate values based on calculations, formulae, and values from other fields in your mobile forms. Create expressions which enable forms to automatically perform addition, subtraction, and other mathematical operations. Automate the calculation of work hours, costs, and much more for a fully paperless data collection process.

Triggers and Actions

Define triggers and actions which dynamically run in response to app users’ interactions with your forms. Configure form controls to submit to database, email submissions as PDF, open other pages and forms, and more – in real-time.

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