Transform your device’s built-in camera into a barcode scanner. Aim at a barcode, capture its data in your mobile form, and send it in real-time to the back office.

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Speed up Data Entry with Barcodes

Eliminate manual data entry across your enterprise. Simply scan barcode data and send it to decision makers in detailed PDFs – with zero transcription and recognition errors.

Boost Productivity Levels Across the Enterprise

Automate numerous processes across your enterprise – from inventory management to tracking construction equipment. Effectively reduce personnel overhead and training time while ensuring the availability of the data you need.

Improve Decision Making

Scan and submit barcode data instantly to data stores or decision-makers’ inbox. Cut the time otherwise wasted on data retrieval and invest more on better decision making. Make informed decisions which help your enterprise thrive by reducing time and money.

Send Annotated Photo as PDF

Capture and Submit eSignatures in Real Time

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the forms you can simplify by adding barcode scanning.

Site Diary

Inventory Tracking Sheet

Simplify tracking products and/or supplies in your warehouse.

Real Estate Inspections

Employee Attendance

Track the attendance of your employees anywhere, at any time.

Crane Positions

Equipment Sign Out Sheet

Save time while checking out equipment necessary for a job.

Safety Hazard Reporting

Bill of Lading

Scan shipments and their details easily with your mobile device.

HR File Note

Remote Ordering

Scan a product, enter the quantity you wish to order, and submit it to vendors.

Fleet Inspection

Right of Entry Record

Have employees scan their IDs to automatically populate fields like full name and manager name.

Aim. Scan. Send.

Turn any mobile device into a barcode scanner. Scan codes with the camera and send it immediately to decision makers.

Download Miracle Mobile Forms

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