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Industry: Industrial Machinery (Crane Logistics and Lifting Solutions) | Company size: 1000 – 5000 employees


Boom Logistics Limited is a national industrial services group which specializes in providing crane logistics and lifting solutions to Australian enterprises in the resources, utilities, energy, and infrastructure sectors. Incorporated in 2000, it is a customer-centric industry leader which puts safety and its workforce first.

Previously known as The Australian Crane Company, Boom Logistics acquired over 17 successful businesses in WA, NSW, and Victoria to extend its operations nationally. Today, it flaunts an unmatched presence across Australia. The lifting services provider further expanded its business by adding innovative customer and market focused solutions. Currently, it offers over 300 cranes ranging from 5 to 750 tons, 200+ travel towers, and a full-fledged fleet of low loaders.


The Problem

Boom Logistics is no stranger to mobile form solutions. However, the solution it was using before Miracle Mobile Forms did not offer it the flexibility and diversity it required. The company wanted its forms to quickly capture data accurately, and report it to its clients. That way, the company would remain true to its customer-focused approach.

The forms were also expected to improve safety through real-time reporting. Safety is one of Boom Logistics’ important values which define how it does business. The company does not compromise on safety to ensure zero harm to its workforce and their surroundings.

The Solution

Miracle Mobile created an app which has five mobile forms, most of which are further divided across multiple tabs. Four of these mobile forms were created to enhance safety by:

  • Providing employees with checklists to identify hazards and their preparedness for them
  • Reporting activities, associated hazards, and control measures in real-time
  • Recording significant lift criteria and reporting it to site managers
  • Guiding employees to carry out pre-start checks on permits, cranes, vehicles, and trailing assets
  • Enabling the thorough assessment of the safety of travel towers

Designated users can also view a list of submitted Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) forms, and tap on individual forms to view their details. Moreover, they can search through the list of JSEAs by specifying a location or client name.

The fifth mobile form is the Productivity Form. Through this multi-tabbed form, workers can capture lift times, operator breaks, and delay reasons. The summaries of  hours on tasks as well as working hours are calculated automatically, and submitted to the back office instantly.

The Result

Since 2018, Boom Logistics has made around 355 submissions through its apps – Stage (i.e. provided only to stakeholders and limited user group) and Production (i.e. rolled out to end users). As a result, the company was able to save around US$7,100 within a very short time. Boom also reported improved efficiency and accuracy, further adding to its bottom line.

Capturing site data was a KPI for a key customer. Manual data capture was incomplete and inaccurate and much time was needed for error corrections. Miracle Mobile provided us a solution that was very simple and easy to use, even people who are not tech savvy. With Miracle Mobile, we can capture data accurately, efficiently and quickly. A one very happy customer!

Mobin Mehmood, Commercial Manager, Boom Logistics

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