MiracleTek Sponsors Digital Disruption for Government 2015 in Sydney

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MiracleTek participated in the recent event, Digital Disruption for Government 2015 in Sydney. The event offered great information with respect to technology disrupting the public sector, and how this phenomenon will be embraced and managed by various government departments.

It was a great opportunity to meet motivated delegates and listen to a variety of speakers.  Each speaking session had interesting and significant content on pertinent topics. Information is available on the website: http://www.digitaldisruptiongov.com.au

An Australian startup with a strong focus on improving productivity through mobility, MiracleTek is excited about the opportunity to support the ‘technology revolution’ that many Australian government departments are facing.

Data and Analytics Is Imperative For Government To Succeed

Victor Dominello

The Hon. Victor Dominello MP (@VictorDominello), Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, opened the conference and talked about data and analytics and the need to capture and ‘do something’ with  data.  He was passionate about innovation and data and provided a fantastic insight on the recent establishment of the data analytics centre (DAC).

Data from (DAC) supports the digitization of NSW Government and the digital ecosystem, investigates and establishes processes to enable the protection of personal information and advises the Government on ‘best practice’ analytic processes and data/information security.

A key feature of DAC highlighted was the data linkages within government and the provision of a central point for seeking access to data and analytics in NSW.

Mr Dominello also provided example of innovation and where Government currently spends approximately $5Bn per annum for stroke patients.  He referenced a device (the first of its kind developed in Australia), that captures data to help identify the phases of a stroke.  The device reports data and warns the individual of an imminent stroke.  This example highlighted the importance of data analytics and innovation in Government.

MiracleTek has developed Miracle Mobile Forms – a service which offers a code-free mobile form designer and app.  Data from mobile forms is collected, stored and/or retrieved, allowing enterprises to achieve a greater level of productivity while supporting the need for improved business intelligence and analytics.

Think Big, Start Small, Iterate Quickly

Penny Webb-Smart

Implementing technology solutions and change management can be a tremendous challenge that organizations face in their quest to execute ‘digitization’. An impressive opinion was made from Penny Webb-Smart (@pennywebbsmart), Exec Director Services Reform, Department of Finance Services and Innovation in her talk, where she highlighted the point about dealing with small problems first and testing the appropriate solution.

Government departments can launch experimental apps through MiracleTek and can scale those apps quickly and effortlessly. The creation of apps is simple with the drag and drop interface in the Miracle Studio.

 Innovation is Easy… But Takes Courage and Support

In a panel discussion about creating an environment that encourages innovative ideas, Christian Wood (@ilikechips), General Manager – Journey Information & Digital for NSW Roads & Maritime, said that change is driven from the top. Workshops created to build ideas need to be embedded into business goals. There must be a ‘need’ to measure success and failure. Core legacy technology is hard to change.

Colin McCririck (@colinmccririck), CTO, Health Information Services Agency, Department of Health commented that, whilst leadership in innovation is important, hierarchies should be ignored.  He uses social tools to encourage free conversations with people at all levels to promote discussion on innovation. He said that failing is a good way to learn!

Paper and Cumbersome Processes – The Ultimate Efficiency Killer

Paul Shetler (@paul_shetler) CEO, Digital Transformation Office, spoke about streamlining processes using digital technologies. He stated ‘when people experience something that doesn’t work – they go elsewhere’. He promotes common language, agile and lean delivery cycles. His comments on deployment of mobile forms in Government were both topical and refreshing!

Clair Foo (@DELWP_Vic), Chief Information Officer at Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria, provided a fantastic talk on paperless office and presented a video, with her department’s desire of creating a paperless enterprise.

MiracleTek creates a paperless enterprise and supports the automation of business processes, with minimal effort. The following link demonstrates the transition from paper-based forms to mobile:


Digital Disruption is Here!

The event was a huge success and the current movement towards mobility and disruption both at an enterprise and personal level can be best summarised by one of the last sessions at the conference by Alisa Bowen (@Alisa_redux), Group Director, Digital Product and Development from News Corp. Australia. She appropriately stated;

‘In the current world of digital disruption, you’re being disrupted, you’re disrupting or you’re not paying attention’.

MiracleTek was delighted to be involved as a solution provider/exhibitor at the conference and felt there was an incredible amount of information shared among many over the three days.

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