Integrate Dropbox with Miracle Mobile Forms to securely retain data, images, and signatures. Streamline mobile data flow to save time and enhance productivity.

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Get Immediate Access to Form Data

Empower your team by providing instant access to form data. With mission critical data delivered in real time to your Dropbox folders, improve (and speed up) the decision making process to achieve higher productivity.

Significantly Reduce Administrative Time

Automate record keeping by directly sending the PDF output of submitted data to designated folders in Dropbox. Save the hours otherwise spent on collecting, organizing, and storing data, and reap benefits such as reduced costs, higher efficiency, and much more.

Take Data Compliance to the Next Level

Miracle Mobile Forms helps enterprises become compliant with stringent regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Not only can you design forms according to data collection and processing regulations, Dropbox integration simplifies compliance with secure data handling and privacy regulations.

Send Annotated Photo as PDF

Connect. Send. Store.

Connect your mobile forms to Dropbox and send your data for instant access, higher security, and better compliance.

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