Ensure the accessibility of your data instantly to decision-makers wherever they are. Send your mobile form submissions securely to designated email addresses.

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Control the Format of Your Emails

Define whether to send submitted forms as attachments, or within the body of your emails. Take one more step and determine whether to email forms in PDF format or HTML.

Email Form Data in PDF Documents or HTML

Allow designated recipients to receive mobile form data in PDF format. Use the default template offered by Miracle Studio, or upload a custom template to reflect your company’s brand. Alternatively, send data in HTML, the format used across a majority of CRMs and other business systems.

Get Even More Control with Email Settings

Configure your forms to be sent from your enterprise’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. Integrate with your mobile forms to reap the benefits of using your own SMTP server, including ensuring the security of your email communications.

Configure. Assign. Email.

Configure your SMTP settings and/or your forms to be sent in HTML or PDF format. Assign who you wish to receive your submissions, and email them directly every time a user hits ‘Submit’.

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