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File Upload

Present data quickly by adding rich images, audio, and documents to your mobile forms. Tap into the power of visual content to save decision makers’ time and relay important information more effectively than paragraphs of text.

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Redefine Productivity with Uploaded Files

Show the bigger picture by sending images highlighting issues, audio discussing opportunities, and documents presenting detailed data.

Help the back office manage documents in one place rather than sift through piles of paperwork or email threads. Send uploaded files as attachments with PDFs of form data, or store them directly in your enterprise’s databases or cloud storage accounts.

Send JPEG, GIF, MP3, CSV and More

Easily attach images, audio, and documents to your mobile forms. Supplement the data you collect with files of the following types.

Image Audio Documents
JPEG MP3 Word processing document

Spreadsheet file

GIF Windows Media Audio Presentation file
Bitmap Rich Text Format
Comma-Separated Values file
Portable Document Format

Attach Files Instantly to Mobile Forms

Need a little inspiration? Here are some examples of forms you can enhance by uploading images, audio, and documents.

Site Diary

Toolbox Minutes

Record and send audio to speed up site briefing and provide relevant information faster.

Real Estate Inspections

Process Audits

Include photos of Work Method Statement and other documents to ensure processes are on track.

Crane Positions

Property Listings

Allow owners to add presentations with their property listings to ensure your real estate agency quicker sales.

Safety Hazard Reporting

Employee Detail

Attach images and documents to new hire forms to streamline human resources processes.

HR File Note

Quality Inspection

Add a voice memo in addition to images from worksites to detail observations rather than type them.

Fleet Inspection

Client Meeting

Upload photos or notes related to client meetings so no information covered is lost while filling forms.

Simply Upload and Submit

Download Miracle Mobile Forms and improve your reporting capabilities with uploaded images, audio, and documents.

Download Miracle Mobile Forms

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