Mobilize your paper forms with Miracle Studio. Design professional-looking forms once, and publish them simultaneously to all iOS, Android, and Windows devices across your enterprise.

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Mobilize Paper Forms

Cater to All the Devices in Your Enterprise

Deliver the polished user experience which native apps provide. Create and publish your mobile forms to iOS, Android, and Windows devices simultaneously. Deliver a uniform experience to all workers regardless of the devices they use.

Enjoy the Benefits of Cross-Platform Form Design

Save the money and time you would otherwise invest in designing forms for each platform. Make changes to your forms on the fly in Miracle Studio, and ensure changes are rolled out to all devices in real-time.

Cross Platform

Integrate with All Business Systems and Services

Send form data in PDF to designated users, or direct form submissions to your data stores or cloud storage. Overcome any platform constraints and ensure your data securely reaches your enterprise’s personnel or business systems.

Design. Configure. Publish.

Design mobile forms and configure their settings according to your needs. Publish them to all iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and watch your workforce grow productive by the day.

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Enterprises Currently Enjoying this Feature

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