Capture your current location coordinates with your forms. Send through your coordinates with less than five taps – without lugging around clipboards, cameras, and GPS devices.

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Geo Stamp Forms in Less than 30 Seconds

Geotag and validate collected form data with your GPS coordinates. Provide visibility and insight to project managers and stakeholders, enabling them to manage remotely and take timely action.

Redefine Productivity and Customer Service

Streamline team management by effectively monitoring your employees, especially those in the field. Plan their next tasks according to their current location, ensuring higher productivity.

Deliver projects on-time effectively and improve your enterprise’s customer satisfaction levels.

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Prioritize Safety and Health

Collect GPS location information to track incident frequency and other issues. Integrate your mobile forms with business intelligence systems to uncover potential issues which compromise the safety and health of your team.

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Discover the Ease of Geo Stamping Forms

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the forms integrating GPS with can impact your overall productivity.

Site Diary

Rack Visual Inspection

Add coordinate details to authenticate an inspection carried out on site.

Real Estate Inspections

Delivery Confirmation

Geo-tag delivery confirmation forms to streamline and improve your package services.

Crane Positions

Training Attendance

Find out which facility your employees are attending their training sessions at.

Safety Hazard Reporting

Critical Risk Activity

Effectively pinpoint the location of a hazard to quickly address it.

HR File Note

Daily Route Tracker

Track the time your drivers spend at each stop while making deliveries.

Fleet Inspection

Site Note

Include GPS location to site notes to include more details to reports.

Locate. Geotag. Submit.

Locate your workforce, capture their location coordinates, and submit your geo stamped forms for higher productivity and accountability.

Download Miracle Mobile Forms

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