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Set up customized forms with Miracle Studio

Miracle Studio is a simple drag-and-drop app designer that you can use to create any kind of customized mobile forms – no programming needed.

All Your Forms Available Anywhere, Anytime
(even when you’re offline)

Access and submit all your forms at any location, at any time - even when you are not connected to the internet. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you’re good to go. Once the device is connected back to the internet, it will automatically synchronize all the data you submitted.

Powerful Apps for Powerful Businesses

Run on any platform

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Capture electronic signatures

Make your forms official by capturing signatures right inside the app. It’s just like signing on good old paper.

Add your location with geo-tagging

The GPS option allows you to tag sites on the map, for forms where the location is important.

Capture Photos & Annotate Them

Adding photos to your form has never been easier. Just take them with your device’s camera and embed it into the form. You can even annotate them to add your notes to it.

Use text or speech to fill out your forms.

Use your device’s keyboard to type in a text box or the microphone to dictate notes faster.

Time & Date Stamps

Adding photos to your form has never been easier. Just take them with your device’s camera and embed it into the form. You can even annotate them to add your notes to it.

Integrate Seamlessly

Miracle Mobile easily integrates with your company’s Document Management System and other ERPs.

Build Smarter Forms by adding Logic

Miracle Mobile platform enables you to show or hide form fields based on the responses received.

Device Management

Keep your data secure with device management that allows you to easily locate devices, enable or disable apps and erase data if needed.

A miracle for your company.

Miracle Mobile is app development platform that allows you to transform all your paper forms into powerful mobile apps – even if you don’t know any coding. When you sign up, here’s what you get:

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    Unlimited Forms: Add unlimited forms to your app from the existing library of hundreds of forms.
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    Personalize Your Apps: Brand your app & reports with your company’s logo.
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    Custom Forms: Create any number of custom forms yourself with Miracle Studio.
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    Send Us Your Forms: We will design 5 Free Forms for you (& then $97 for any additional form)

What our customers are saying!

Miracle Mobile Forms assisted us in capturing our data more systematically...

We are a project-based business and as part of being a project-based business, we have a lot of documents. From plans, to spreadsheets, to emails; and we needed a better way to coordinate ourselves. We had a lot of different forms, part of them were assisting in the management of the job, part of them were helping with the governance and control. We found that with the filling in of those forms, Miracle Mobile Forms assisted in being able to do it more systematically. Miracle Mobile Forms provided us with the ability to capture the data in those forms and bring that information back to our data warehouse. So, that provided us with better analytics across all our projects in a consistent manner.

John Georgiou  // CEO // Georgiou Group of Companies

Easy to Use and Straightforward

Miracle Mobile allows us to run our management systems more efficiently and conveniently. Its very straightforward to use and the technical team is very helpful. They solve any of your problems very promptly and are very easy to deal with.

Ryan Huan  // Production Engineer // Asphaltech Pty Ltd

Excellent platform with heaps of features

Miracle Mobile is a great form builder. I am very easily able to connect to my business systems and rules. The rapid ability to add forms without republishing the app is excellent.

Rox Dawson  // CTO // TikForce

Very happy with the reliability of the platform!

The platform is very easy-to-use and the customer service is great. Forms can be created in no time and provide a lot of functionality out of the box. Integration with Databases and Document Management Systems is a big plus.

Sharjeel Siddiqui  // Software Services Manager // Georgiou

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