MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad – Coming Soon to App Stores

To celebrate two years of innovation in the information technology industry, MiracleTek announced the launch of a new enterprise mobility solution: the MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad. Our team has collaborated with the renowned talent management solutions provider and intends to roll the app into app stores once it’s ready to launch.

“Tell Me About Your Onboarding App”

MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad is an employee onboarding solution which SilkRoad solution users can provide to their new employees. With this app, companies can improve new hires’ time-to-hire productivity, boost onboarding efficiency, cut talent management costs, and create a lasting first impression of the brand.

Here’s how.

Eliminating Paperwork from the Onboarding Process

Rather than overwhelm new hires and HR professionals with piles of paperwork, the app provides forms and processes that make employee documentation convenient for both parties. Even while offline, new employees can easily scan and submit documents via mobile and add electronic signatures to HR documentation. Their data will be uploaded once they connect to a hotspot or enter connectivity zones.

Engaging New Hires Before their First Day

With the MiracleTek Onboarding App, companies can begin onboarding their newest employees long before they join their workforce. Through offline document libraries and event portals, new hires can learn more about their new employer and the company’s procedures and culture. They can even search through team member profiles, getting to know their teammates before stepping into your office.

Overcoming Employees’ First-Day Fears

On your new employee’s first day, they will receive notifications to ensure that they complete onboarding tasks in a timely manner. Notifications will also be sent to HR personnel and other team members invested in the onboarding process.  This enables complete engagement with new hires. New hires can also rely on the team member directory to communicate with their superiors or team members whenever they need further guidance.

Optimizing the Onboarding Process

MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad is designed to make the onboarding process quick and error-free. As a result, it will enhance efficiency and reduce costs for your company. Further enhancing the efficiency of your employee onboarding is the app’s interactive offline reports. This allows new employee’s tasks and progress to be tracked through the onboarding app – quicker and easier than emails or notifications.

Impressing New Hires with the Latest Technology

Once they install the app on their devices, new hires will be truly amazed by the sleek design of this app. With your brand colors and logo integrated in the design, you’ll be able to confirm your status as an innovator and industry leader. Looks aside, this powerful native app provides many features apart from those discussed above. For instance, the GPS Navigation feature will direct new hires to your offices and have them report to you on time.

“Can I Try this App Before Buying It?”

MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad will be heading to your device’s app store very soon.

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