Year in Review: Miracle Mobile in 2017

The year 2017 has been one of the most eventful years for Miracle Mobile.

We successfully established our reputation nationwide as a reliable enterprise mobility solutions provider. We have partnered with industry leaders from five industry verticals to enhance business performance and employee engagement. We are also in the process of helping other organizations who expressed interest in creating highly efficient, productive, and paperless environments.

In Miracle Mobile’s offices, we welcomed talented professionals to our team. Together with our dedicated experts, they are creating more ways for enterprises to get the most out of mobile forms. We are thankful to the whole team for beings hands-on, committed to clients and deadlines, and always up to the challenge.

That said, here are some of the highlights of the year 2017.

Third Anniversary

MiracleTek third anniversary

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take a picture of the cake before everyone dug in. So, we’re using this stock image instead.  

Miracle Mobile celebrated its third anniversary on September 29th. We are proud to have achieved our vision of a paperless office in several enterprises over this short span of time. Our successes throughout 2017 have further made this a sweeter celebration. Therefore, we are motivated to make 2018 even greater before we cut the cake for our fourth anniversary.

New Features in Miracle Studio and Miracle App

We are proud to have made over 20 public releases for Miracle Studio, Miracle Services, and Miracle Apps. Our goal is to provide more business value with each release, be it by introducing a new feature or updating existing ones. We also aim to make new releases more stable than their predecessors, which is why our team eliminates bugs once detected.

Some of the newest features covered in our release notes in 2017 are:

Ready2Use Apps

Ready2Use Apps Miracle Mobile

In May 2017, Miracle Mobile launched Ready2Use Apps. The app offers busy enterprises a range of readymade mobile forms for the following business functions:

  • Safety
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Human Resources

Designed to work on iOS, Android, and Windows, Ready2Use Apps allows users to discover the power of Miracle App. Users can also sign up for Miracle Studio to customize the existing forms or create their own.

New Look for

MiracleMobile website new

Early in 2017, we rolled out the new design for In addition to accommodating our growth, the new website was designed to offer important features such as:

  • Dedicated pages for videos, case studies, and other resources
  • Buttons connecting visitors to all our social media profiles
  • Enhanced blog with new informative content on enterprise mobility

Comprehensive Video Tutorials

Miracle Mobile video tutorials

We recorded and published comprehensive video tutorials to help users learn how to use Miracle Mobile Platform. While we are currently adding new ones to the playlist, Miracle Studio users can watch the existing videos to learn how to create enterprise mobile apps which resolve business problems effectively.

In addition to introducing the platform and the controls used to design mobile forms, the tutorials guide users on advanced functionality like:

  • Posting form data to external data sources
  • Defining app flow using Triggers and Actions
  • Connecting the app to SharePoint 2013, databases, and other services

Coverage in Media

MiracleTek in the media

In 2016, our C-suite executives were invited to contribute to several publications, including APAC CIO Outlook Magazine. This year, we were in the limelight in a completely different way. Magazines have been writing about Miracle Mobile, most recently Business News.

In the 20 Nov to 03 Dec 2017 issue, we were featured in the App/Tech Business segment for our work with several industry leaders in the past 24 months.

Public Appearances, Keynote Speeches and Events

MiracleTek and events

Team Miracle Mobile could be prominently seen at enterprise mobility and tech events such as AWS Innovation Day – Perth. We have also received several invitations to share our insight on how to effectively mobilize today’s enterprises to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Most recently, our CEO, Errol Keyt, was invited as a panelist at the PwC Australia event, ‘The Role of Digital in Powering Up a Turnaround’ along with Shaun Gregory, the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Woodside. During the session, Errol shared his experience on transforming companies via mobile data capture.

Goodbye 2017 and Welcome 2018

As we bid farewell to 2017, we optimistically welcome 2018 and the opportunities it will bring Miracle Mobile. We have several new features in store for 2018, so stay tuned.

Finally, Happy New Year, everyone.

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