MiracleTek Announces Partnership with PSM Advisor

US-based business consultancy joins forces to provide mobile forms solution to deliver enterprise productivity and efficiency.

PERTH, WA – September 05, 2018 – MiracleTek has recently entered a partnership with PSM Advisor, a dynamic and growth-focused consultancy in Houston, Texas. Through this partnership, PSM will introduce mobile forms as a solution to American enterprises in various industries.

Established in 2016, PSM Advisor specializes in Business Development and Workflow Optimization, helping enterprises achieve their goals. The boutique consultancy offers an extensive range of solutions which cover functional areas such as retention strategy and implementation, new product development, and robotic process automation (RPA) strategy and implementation.

Philip J Saweris, Founder and Managing Partner at PSM Advisor, said, “We are excited to have partnered with MiracleTek. Our partnership has allowed both of our firms to grow in new sectors and markets. We find that our skills and capabilities are complementary to one another, thus creating tremendous value to our clients. The more we discuss with our clients about disparate processes and systems, it is evident that MiracleTek is the best-fit solution for PSM to present as a viable solution. Workflow Optimization for small to mid-size companies in the US is a key growth engine for PSM Advisor, and we are glad our strategic relationship with MiracleTek will further help.”

Commenting on the partnership, MiracleTek’s Chief Executive Officer Errol Keyt added, “We are excited about the PSM Advisor partnership and believe that MiracleTek’s mobile forms solution will add huge value to PSM Advisor’s offering to clients in the United States. This is a fantastic opportunity to deliver productivity and cost efficiencies, and to grow our business into the United States.”

PSM Advisor’s clients now have the opportunity through the MiracleTek partnership to introduce mobile forms to their workforce. For more information on the mobile forms solution, please visit MiracleTek’s website at www.miraclemobile.com.au. For more information on PSM Advisor and its business consultancy services, visit www.psmadvisor.com.

About PSM Advisor

PSM Advisor is a boutique management consulting firm that is driven by solving complex issues for clients. Its core belief is that by being a partner with clients and working collaboratively, results will be achieved at a much faster rate. PSM Advisor’s specialties are in Business Development and Workflow Optimization within the Utilities, Home Services, Oil & Gas, and Construction industries.

For more information, visit www.psmadvisor.com

About MiracleTek

MiracleTek is a mobile forms solution provider, committed to helping businesses create highly efficient, productive, and paperless environments. The company has partnered with several Australian and US-based companies to enhance business performance by improving productivity, efficiency and reducing transaction costs.

For more information, visit www.miraclemobile.com.au, email at [email protected], or call +61 8 9200 2434.

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