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Mobile Forms for Construction Companies

Improve operations both and off construction sites with mobile forms. From inspections to audits, tap into the power of your workforce’s mobile devices to collect and submit information in real-time. Keep your team operating at peak efficiency by removing productivity killers such as paper documents, streamlining communication, and maximizing worker safety.

Here are Some Forms and Checklists You Can Use NOW

Pre-Start Coaching

Ensure the efficiency of your pre-start coaching sessions and their ability to communicate challenges and engage the workforce with this checklist.

Site Diary

Improve communication between on-field teams and the back office by reporting weather, delays and other factors which impact work in real-time.

Workplace Inspection

Inspect the safety of both sites and offices, noting down emergency management measures, amenities, hazardous substances, and other safety risks.

Safety Observations

Promptly report observations on behaviors and other factors which affect site productivity, using both text and annotated images.

DHI – Work at Height 

Assess the safety of your team while working at height, and submit your findings to ensure prompt action and prevent injuries and productivity losses.

Precast Crane

Crane Inspection Checklist

Check the controls, pendants, and other important parts of your cranes before and after the workday to ensure the safety of users and their team members.

Why Mobile Forms are a Must for Construction Companies

Enhanced Mobility

Mobilize your construction forms to free your workforce from lugging around paper documents and data entry tools such as barcode scanners.

Higher Data Accuracy 

Prevent the accuracy issues inherent to paper with capabilities such as eSignatures, photo capture with annotation, and multi-select controls.

Improved Communication

​Streamline day-to-day communication between field workers and the back office by sharing reports and images from work sites in real-time.

Increased Safety

Establish a strong safety culture by simplifying safety inspections and audits, and reporting near misses and any risks instantly before they escalate.

Better Decision Making

Enjoy the benefits of fast professional reporting, including providing decision makers with accurate data to analyze and act accordingly.

Lower Costs

​Avoid affecting your bottom line with costs such as storage, form printing, and mail by converting your workforce’s mobile devices into data collection tools.

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