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Mobile Forms for Health & Safety

Discover why industry leaders have made the shift to mobile forms for health & safety. Improve workplace safety by capturing and submitting risk data in real-time before they escalate to cause injuries. Use mobile forms and checklists to quickly identify, document, report, and monitor issues and ensure your compliance with regulations like OSHA.

Safety Inspection

Here are Some Forms and Checklists You Can Use NOW

Safety Observations

Maximize safety on the work site by reporting behaviors, hazards, issues with equipment and more, with both text and annotated photos.

Emergency Response Review

Provide all the details of an emergency and assess site leaders’ response to ensure proper management of safety and environmental risks.

Workplace Inspection

Effortlessly conduct workplace inspections for both office and site to report emergency management, hazardous substances, waste, and more.

Injury-Illness Case Note

Enhance the documentation of injuries or illness, be they work related or not, to enhance your enterprise’s compliance with Return to Work Plans.

Quality Inspection

DHI – Environment

Submit a detailed hazard inspection report on the management of hydrocarbon, chemicals, flora and fauna, and other environmental risks.

Journey Plan

Detail the particulars of a vehicle and the hazards a driver may come across on a journey for proper documentation and effective risk management.

Which Industries are Health and Safety Mobile Forms Perfect For?

Safety Hazard Reporting


Prevent accidents which can result in injury or even death by proactively assessing the safety of your work site and equipment.


​Ensure adherence to mine safety regulations at all times, especially in highly dangerous and hostile environments such as underground.


​Promote continuous improvement in managing health and safety risks within the energy sector with the help of mobile forms.


Eliminate the safety risk factors of your practices and facilities by regularly assessing these aspects with easy-to-use mobile forms and checklists.

​Health Care

Assess workplace safety needs to pinpoint conditions which may compromise workplace quality and affect both patients and the services rendered.


​Inspect vehicles and effectively plan journeys to prevent occupational illness and injury, and comply with safety regulations for the transport industry.

Quicker Data Collection

Faster Data Collection 

Submit data on possible safety risks directly from the work site to a designated employee’s inbox or the enterprise’s database.

Enhanced Accuracy

Ensure the accuracy of the data submitted by avoiding errors such as those caused by transcribing handwritten documents.

Added Photo Evidence

Supplement your reports with annotated images to provide as much details as possible on a risk or a risk management activity.

Higher Productivity

Reduce the administrative time usually spent on handling safety-related paperwork and compliance with safety regulations.

Strong Safety Culture

Streamline health and safety inspections to allow decision makers to formulate strategies which promote a stronger safety culture.

Lower Costs

Avoid numerous costs which affect your bottom line, such as the cost of legal claims, inaccurate or lost data, and lost productivity.

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