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Office 365

Connect your mobile forms instantly with Office 365. Gain access to your data and enjoy the ease of integrating with Azure Active Directory applications.

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Be Productive with Mobile Forms + Office 365

Boost your productivity levels by integrating your mobile forms with Microsoft’s best-in-class apps and cloud services. Enhance collaboration, secure data, achieve true mobility, and more.

Create an End-to-End Digital Forms Workflow

Capture data via mobile forms, and send it via our Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector. Eliminate the delays customary with paper forms while reducing risks, shortening cycle time, and keeping mobile processes compliant.

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Integrate Office 365 without Coding Expertise

Extend the powerful features and services of Office 365 to your mobile forms without writing a single line of code. Configure the Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector in less than 6 clicks, and get started right away.

Set Up. Integrate. Connect.

Set up the Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector to integrate your mobile forms with Office 365. Connect all your productivity-enhancing solutions to your forms, and start the digital transformation in your enterprise.

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