Open Issues with Miracle Mobile App 1.0.60

Open Issues with Miracle Mobile App 1.0.602018-11-08T12:41:59+08:00

The following are issues which we are currently working on after the release of Miracle Mobile App 1.0.60. We would like to bring these to your attention to ensure a seamless experience while using the app.

  • Force closing an app while pending submissions are in queue or a submission is being processed may result in issues (inconsistent state of form data).
  • If multiple users are making updates simultaneously (on the same version of data), updates from the first one to push their data will be accepted. Subsequent ones will have to retrieve the latest data first, then make new submissions for their updates to go through.

We are working on the above scenarios to improve usability. We recommend the following steps to overcome these issues while our developers work on them.

  1. If the conflicting/fatal error scenario applies to a submission, users should manually delete their submissions and make a new one or fetch the latest data from the server.
  2. We highly recommend users connect their devices to the internet and sync with the server on time to avoid these situations.
  • Saving forms with the Repeater/nested Repeater control in Drafts may cause a data issue.
  • Stepper and Slider controls in forms have some issues.
  • Sub Forms, Barcode Reader, Multi Selected Segmented, and Location controls also have issues during the update service.
  • Data/Time field will not function properly if a date format is applied on the field.
  • Some corner issues have been detected when the File Uploader control is used.
  • Updating only attachments fields such as Image Picker or Signature only will not update images in the local database. Users need to update a non-attachment field such as a text field.