Push Notifications

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Push Notifications

Communicate information, circulate announcements, or remind app users via push notifications. Ensure your workforce does not miss a task, form submission, or vital piece of information.

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Never Miss an Important Task Again

Ensure the productivity of every member of the workforce, even those in remote locations. Inform and remind employees without distracting them from their current tasks or overwhelming them with long emails.

Gain Full Control of Your Push Notifications

Decide when and who receives your push notifications, directly from Miracle Studio. Send notifications instantly or later at a scheduled time and date. Similarly, choose which devices that installed your app you wish to push notifications to.

View and Respond to Notifications Promptly

Check the push notifications you receive through Miracle Mobile App’s Notification tab. Carry out any task, submit required forms, and much more according to the prompts sent to your device.

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Prioritize Instant Communications

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the types of push notifications you can send across your enterprise.

Site Diary

Task Alert

Promptly notify an employee of a new task assigned to them.

Real Estate Inspections

Meeting Reminder

Push a notification to remind your employees to attend a meeting.

Crane Positions

Birthday Wishes

Send an employee a birthday wish from their team to strengthen ties.

Safety Hazard Reporting

Training Announcement

Announce an upcoming training session to ensure full attendance.

HR File Note

Form Submission Prompt

Remind your workforce to submit certain forms on time.

Fleet Inspection

Deadline Reminder

Communicate a reminder to prevent employees from missing deadlines.

Configure. Receive. Act.

Configure and send push notifications in Miracle Studio to Miracle Mobile App users to prompt them for action.

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