FAQs by Business Users

What is Miracle Mobile Forms?

Miracle Mobile Forms is a platform which enables enterprises to replace paper forms with innovative mobile form apps. Through the drag and drop interface, Miracle Studio, you can create cross platform mobile forms without a single line of code. You can then download and run these forms on users’ devices via Miracle Apps.

How will my mobile forms impact my business?

The mobile forms designed on Miracle Mobile Forms collect and submit source data via Miracle App directly into back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, document management systems, or data warehouses.

Moreover, the forms extend business functions to a broad range of devices. This enables higher efficiency, increased productivity, streamlined operations, and reduced transaction costs.

As the apps and forms are native and cross platform, they offer a better user experience, work offline (without an internet connection), and adopt all the features from users’ device (image capture, push notifications, voice recognition and signature panel).

Which type of devices does Miracle Mobile Forms support?

Currently, the mobile forms created via the platform run seamlessly on a wide range of iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Will I need the help of mobile app developers at any point?

No, you will not. Miracle Mobile is a zero-code platform. This means that you can design your mobile apps yourself without learning how to code or develop mobile apps.  You may, however, require the help of your IT department for details such as email server settings.

How do I get started?

In order to get started, you first need to sign up for one of our plans. Based on the plan you choose, you will gain access to Miracle Studio and receive a specific number of apps you can create via the platform. You can use our tutorial videos or user guides to learn how to create your first set of mobile forms.

FAQs by Mobile Developers

How is Miracle App’s home page created?

The forms and pages you create in Miracle Studio will appear on Miracle App’s home page. These can be grouped into categories based on criteria such as department or function.

Can I customize the app to reflect my branding?

Yes, you can use the colors of your branding as well as your corporate logo to customize your apps. For further customization, contact our team at [email protected].

Can I make changes to any of the components offered in Miracle Studio?

Yes, each of the components used in creating mobile forms is configurable. You can configure controls’ colors, dimensions, visibility, and more.

How many forms can I create per app?

Please refer to our Fair Usage Policy to learn more about the number of forms you can create per app.

Can I configure forms to directly send data to my enterprise’s back-end business systems?

Yes, you can configure a range of connectors to simultaneously send submitted form data to your back-end systems. Currently, Miracle Mobile Forms offers connectors to MsSql and MySql databases, REST and SOAP web services, ADFS SAML services, SharePoint 2013, Active Directory, and RedCarpet.

Can I connect Miracle App to a system that is not covered by one of the ready-made connectors available?

No, currently you cannot do so. However, we are putting the final touches on our custom connectors API. Once we roll out this feature, IT professionals will be able to create connectors to a wide variety of back-end systems. In the meanwhile, you can contact us at [email protected] to create a custom connector for your enterprise.

FAQs by IT Professionals and Cloud Administrators 

Are the mobile forms apps I create on Miracle Studio available for other users?

No, they are not. The apps and their contents (pages, forms, assets, etc.)  are strictly yours alone. Therefore, they will not be shared with other Miracle Mobile Forms users or third parties.

How can I download the mobile app I created?

To download the mobile app you created, head to Miracle Studio and click on Download Apps under Manage. Scan the QR code using a QR scanner app on your device, then follow the instructions listed here. You can share the QR code and these instructions via email with your employees as well.

Alternatively, you can opt to distribute the app through your enterprise app store or a digital distribution platform such as App Store for iOS devices.

Does the platform provide mobile device management (MDM) features?

Yes, it does. Through Miracle Studio’s Device Management, authored personnel can identify which devices have installed the app. In addition to Device ID, you will learn about the device’s model, OS version, first and last app metadata updates, app shell version, and current logged in user. You can then enable or disable the app, allowing or preventing users from running it.

FAQs by Security and Compliance Professionals

Where will my data be stored?

All data is stored at your company’s back-end systems after their transition from Miracle Mobile Forms’ secure cloud hosted by Amazon AWS.

How secure is Miracle Mobile Forms?

We have taken various steps to ensure the security of the platform and users’ data. In addition to hosting the platform on a secure cloud infrastructure, your data is protected through high-grade AED-256 encryption. Moreover, Miracle Mobile’s servers are firewall-protected and resilient against DDoS attacks.

Are eSignatures collected via mobile forms legally binding?

Depending on your country’s eSignature regulations, signatures submitted via mobile forms can be legally binding. If you are in the United States, for instance, digital signatures are legally valid as per the Electronic Signatures in Global and National (ESIGN) Commerce Act.

FAQs by Procurement Professionals

What is included in the free Basic Plan?

The Basic Plan provides access to Miracle Studio to create one mobile application and one environment. You can then share the mobile app with up to 10 users.

The plan, however, does not include designing standard forms, the Email Forms as PDF feature, 24×7 support, or training sessions. Please refer to our Pricing Plans for more information on other packages.

Can I change my plan any time?

Yes, you can. Simply raise a support ticket on our customer success portal.

What modes of payment do you accept?

You can pay for the Business or Enterprise plan using a credit card. We are, however, planning on expanding our list of payment methods to provide you more options.