Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.4

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.42019-03-05T16:30:34+08:00

Bundled with Miracle Studio 1.0.15, Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.10.4 was released on 7 December 2017. Included is support for a new feature, an update, and several bug fixes.

New in 1.10.4

  • Support Remove Button for Image Picker – We have included the necessary support for the Remove button added to the Image Picker control in Miracle Studio 1.0.15.  More about this feature here.  

Updates in 1.10.4

  • Miracle Studio Login Page – We have added support in Services to ensure Miracle App download links (Android, iOS, and Windows) function properly on the Miracle Studio Login Page.

Fixes in 1.10.4

  • Control Data Submission Issues – We have resolved the bugs affecting data submissions from the Repeater, Stepper, and Slider controls.
  • Email PDF Issues – Unfilled input fields will be properly  displayed with only their labels appearing in PDFs.
  • Connectors Issues – Connector-related bugs have been addressed in this release, including the one affecting the replacement of old records with new ones.  
  • UI Issues – We delivered several improvements to Miracle Studio’s user interfaces, addressing issues such the main settings windows being hidden behind a long list of entities in the autocomplete field at the top of the Connections page.
  • Trigger Migration Bug – All the values from the secondary services of triggers are now properly migrated.