Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 0.4.34

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 0.4.342019-03-05T16:46:27+08:00

Miracle App 0.4.34 was released on 14 Mar 2016. Several important features have been added to the new app shell, enhancing user experience and delivering more functions to enterprise users.

New in 0.4.34

  • Photo Annotations: This exciting new feature allows users to annotate an image right from within their mobile app. This feature adds tremendous value for a wide range of business apps.
  • Expressions Based Permission Rules: Miracle Mobile apps are now capable of applying dynamic business logic to determine access permissions on categories, forms or on form controls.
  • Prompt on Navigating away without saving data: Previously users could lose valuable data if they navigate away without saving the form. Now miracle app automatically prompts if user tries to navigate away without saving the data.
  • Windows Phone Version: Miracle Mobile App is now available for Windows Phone with all the latest features that you enjoy on Android and on iOS.
  • Switch App in iOS: A new option has been added to iOS that allows users to switch to another App from within the Miracle app shell. This feature was already available on Android and Windows versions.

Updates in 0.4.34

  • Media Assets Update Mechanism: We have enhanced the way media assets were downloaded in the Miracle Mobile client. Now it takes lesser time as it downloads only those assets which are updated since the last time when assets were fetched from the server.

Fixes in 0.4.34

  • Header Bar Options Error: In some rare conditions, the options on the header bar got disappeared in previous versions of the app. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Error while switching between Apps: On Android, it was reported that if a user navigates away from Miracle App to any external app and reverts back to Miracle App, a blank screen would appear. This issues has been resolved in the current build.