Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 0.5.30 (Android) and 0.5.0 (iOS)

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 0.5.30 (Android) and 0.5.0 (iOS)2019-03-05T16:48:08+08:00

Miracle Mobile is proud to announce the release of Miracle App 0.5.0 (iOS) and 0.5.30 (Android). These are the first releases after the app’s publication to Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

In these versions, we rolled out a new feature, improved several major features, and resolved the main issues affecting the app’s performance.

New in 0.5.00 (iOS) and 0.5.30 (Android)

  • Support for Arithmetic Operations – Miracle App now supports a wide range of arithmetic functions. Users can, for instance, enter values in two different text fields and get their sum dynamically in a third text field.

Updates in 0.5.0 (iOS) and 0.5.30 (Android)

  • No-Login-Page Apps – In MiracleStudio, users can configure Miracle Apps that do not require any authentication. In the new release of Miracle App, we have enhanced this feature to allow users to navigate directly to the home page, completely skipping the conventional user authentication.
  • Custom Permissions for Camera and Photos Access – For better transparency, we have customized our permission requests for camera and photos access. Users can read the descriptions to find out what the app will gain access to.
  • Memory Optimization Improvements – To prevent the app from considerably consuming a device’s memory, we made several updates. First off, we removed the carousel feature which appeared during the app’s first run. We also removed unwanted obsolete assets, resolved memory leaks, and improved object disposal after use.
  • Control Optimization – We made several improvements to the app’s elements, especially to the segmented and repeater controls. These enhancements ensure better user experience while using the app.
  • Performance Optimization – Several elements of the app were improved to deliver better, more reliable performance.    

Fixes in 0.5.00 (iOS) and 0.5.30 (Android)

  • App Crash-Related Bugs – We have resolved several bugs causing the apps to crash, especially those associated with syncing and duplicating forms.
  • iOS-Specific Bugs – Several bugs in the iOS version of Miracle App have been resolved, especially those related to the appearance of controls and the home page.
  • Android-Specific Bugs – Several bugs related to the appearance of buttons in forms have been resolved. We also fixed the cause of apps cashing when controls are specified with heights above 9,999.