Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 0.7.4

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 0.7.42019-03-05T16:50:37+08:00

Released to iTunes and Google Play on 20 June, 2017, Miracle App 0.7.4 introduces two new features to ensure better user experience while interacting with the app.

New in 0.7.4

  • Logout Feature – If a page is designed with a logout button (which is further configured with a logout trigger), app users can terminate their session from there. In addition to added convenience, this feature allows the creation of apps without a Settings page.
  • Anonymous Login Functionality – Users can anonymously log into the app if the login page is configured with the ShowCategory or NavigatePage triggers in Miracle Studio.

Fixes in 0.7.4

  • ForgotPassword Functionality Bug – The newly-introduced ForgotPassword feature is properly functioning now.
  • App UI Issues – We performed several general bug fixes to improve Miracle App’s user interface.