Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.32 (iOS)

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.32 (iOS)2019-03-05T16:56:00+08:00

On 20 December, 2017, Team Miracle Mobile published Miracle Mobile Mobile App 1.0.32. We are proud to announce the addition of a new feature, Offline Re-Login, which delivers uninterrupted user experience when a user’s device is offline. We have also stabilized many features to deliver smooth performance and business value to users.

New in 1.0.32

  • Offline Re-Login Feature – The latest release introduces Offline Re-login. This feature enables users to re-login even when their devices are not connected to the internet. To use this feature, however, the user must have successfully logged into the app once before on the same device, while connected to the internet.
  • New Sign-in Experience This release introduces a new sign-in experience. First-time users can easily navigate to Miracle Studio to sign up for the service and begin designing their own mobile forms in no time.

Updates in 1.0.32

  • Accumulative File Size Limit – The new Miracle Mobile App limits the total size of attachments submitted with a form to 5 MB.
  • File Name Size Limit – We have set the file name character limit to 127 characters to ensure smooth performance, especially on Android devices.
  • Multiple Navigation Options After Login – After a user logs in to the app, they can be directed to a specific page instead of the category page. Form designers need to configure which pages users navigate to after logging in from Miracle Studio.

Fixes in 1.0.32

  • Form Duplication Issue – We have resolved the issue affecting the duplication of submitted forms in the Submission Queue.
  • Drafts Issues – We have resolved issues reported for Miracle App’s Drafts page.
  • User Interface Issues – The new release offers a better, more stable user interface after the resolution of UI issues.
  • Date and Date/Time Picker Bugs – We have resolved the issues related to the Date and Date/Time picker controls.
  • Image Picker Bugs – We have fixed the bugs previously affecting the performance of the Image Picker control.
  • Segmented Control Bugs – The issues reported for the Segmented Control have been fixed.
  • Login Related Issues – We have resolved issues related to logging in to the app. The new Offline Re-login feature introduced in this release may also reduce chances of login issues.
  • Partial Submission Bugs – We have fixed the Partial Submission feature to eliminate bugs affecting its performance.
  • Read Only Mode Issues – We have resolved the bugs affecting the Read Only mode.