Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.35

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.352019-03-05T16:57:51+08:00

Miracle Mobile App 1.0.35 was rolled out across all app stores by 30 January 2018. It introduces the new control, the Sub Form, as well as necessary updates for ensuring business value to app users. The app also features several bug fixes, ensuring enhanced performance for users.

New in 1.0.35

  • Sub Forms Feature – The new Miracle Mobile App 1.0.35 introduces the Sub Form feature. Designed in Miracle Studio, this control acts as a reusable component across multiple forms, saving designers’ time. More details on this new control here.

Updates in 1.0.35

  • PDF Generation of Dynamic Fields – We have improved the PDF generation process to be based on dynamic attributes that have been displayed or hidden through expressions in Miracle Studio. Therefore, controls which have been hidden will not be part of the emailed PDF.
  • Null Value as Valid Input for Form Submission – Users can now update values in complex controls such as ImagePicker, Autocomplete or Signature with null/empty value.

Fixes in 1.0.35

  • Signature Panel Issue – We have resolved the issue affecting the appearance of the Signature Panel in some forms.
  • Nested Control Values Issue – The issue affecting the population of value within nested controls has been resolved.
  • Segmented Control Issue – Our team has resolved the issue affecting the display of the Segmented control when the number of buttons per row is set in Miracle Studio, and the control’s options are set through an expression.
  • Image Picker Issues – The issues affecting the Image Picker control, especially on the Annotation screen, have been resolved.
  • Picker Issues – The bug preventing the display of valuables in the text box associated with the Picker control has been resolved.
  • App Page Issues – We have resolved the issue affecting the appearance of some of the app’s pages, including the Sync and Advanced Settings pages.
  • Performance Issues – We have fixed the issues causing the app to lag at times.