Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.10

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.102019-03-05T16:31:55+08:00

Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.10.10 was released with Miracle Studio 1.0.23 on 26 February, 2018. Bundled with Miracle Mobile Platform Notifications 1.9.5, this release delivers new additions, updates, and fixes to Services which support Miracle Studio and Miracle App.

New in 1.10.10

  • Support for the Tasks Feature – The Tasks feature allows Miracle Studio users to define and allocate tasks. Meanwhile, Miracle App users can view and complete assigned tasks from the My Tasks page. We have added support for both functions in Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.10.10.
  • Support for Scheduled Notifications – We have added support for the Send Later functionality for Push Notifications. This enhancement allows form designers to send notifications at a set date and time.

Updates in 1.10.10

  • Updated Notifications Page in Miracle Studio – Services related to the Notifications page were updated to support the changes introduced in Miracle Studio 1.0.23.
  • Push Notifications Improvements in Miracle App – Miracle Mobile Platform Notification Services has been updated to reflect the improvements introduced with the Tasks feature.

Fixes in 1.10.10

  • Push Notification Related Bugs – We have resolved the issues which affected the performance of push notifications in both Miracle Studio and Miracle App.