Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.2

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.22019-03-05T16:11:21+08:00

Released on 3 November, the same day as Miracle Studio 1.0.12, Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.10.2 delivers the support required for new, updated, and fixed features.

New in 1.10.2

  • Support for File Uploader, Barcode Reader, and Location Controls – We have integrated the support required for the three new features: Uploader, Barcode Reader, and Location. (Note: While the control has been added to Miracle Studio, it will be available for use in Miracle App version 1.0.17 and higher.)
  • Support for Filters of Get Entity Data Function – We have added support for retrieving data when specific column(s) or an expression is defined in the search box located in the Entities tab in Connections.

Updates in 1.10.2

  • Improvement to SubmitData Trigger’s Performance – We have enhanced the methods associated with the SubmitData trigger. This will make a drastic difference in time.
  • Image Quality of Image Picker – We have rolled out a new algorithm which resizes images and eSignatures to ensure better image quality, especially on devices with large image aspect ratios such as Windows Surface Pro.
  • Database Submission Prompts – Users are now prompted if a record cannot be added due to database constraints. That way, data will not be lost.  

Fixes in 1.10.2

  • Migration Issues – We have resolved several issues related to the Migration feature, including the bug preventing the migration of secondary services specified on a control.
  • Image Picker Control Issue – We have added the necessary support to prevent users from editing the name of attached image files. Form designers can deselect the Non Editable option to allow users to make any changes.
  • Connector Issues – We have fixed several connector related issues, including the bug associated with the foreign key settings screen in the Entities tab, and the issue causing files submitted via Image Picker to raise an exception.