Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.8

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.10.82019-03-05T16:31:44+08:00

Released on 25 January 2018 with Miracle Studio 1.0.20, Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.10.8 provides the necessary services and support to new and updated features. These services further enhance the user friendliness of the platform and save form designers’ time.

New in 1.10.8

  • Support for Sub Forms – We have added support for the new Sub Form control, which allows form designers to reduce the time they spend on redundantly designing the same section of a form in several different pages. Find out more on this control here.     

Updates in 1.10.8

  • Support for Revamped Page Listing Page – Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.10.8 complements the Page Listing page updated in Miracle Studio 1.0.20. It provides support for the new Pages, Forms and Sub Forms filter as well as other changes made to the platform’s interface.
  • Support for the Simplified Create Page and Edit Page – The updated Services supports the simplified Create Page and Edit Page screens as well as the automatic Internal Name field population, two changes which help designers with limited to no app design experience.  
  • PDF Generation of Dynamic Fields – We have improved the PDF generation process to be based on dynamic attributes that have been displayed or hidden through expressions in Miracle Studio. As a result, controls which have been hidden will not be part of the emailed PDF.
  • Null Value as Valid Input for Form Submission – Miracle App users can now update values in complex controls such as ImagePicker, Autocomplete, or Signature with null/empty value.