Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.11.2

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.11.22019-03-05T16:32:16+08:00

On 27 April 2018, Miracle Mobile released Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.11.2 along with Miracle Studio 1.1.3. In addition to providing the necessary support for the mobile form designer and Miracle App, MMP Services complements Connectors (Version 8.0) and Notifications (Version 1.10.0).

New in 1.11.2

  • Support for Pre-Filled Forms Feature – MMP Services 1.11.2 includes support for the new Pre-Filled Forms feature. Through it, form designers, managers, and/or supervisors can send a pre-filled form to guide Miracle App users.
  • Support for Bulk Task Creation – Support has been added for the Bulk Task Creation feature, which allows the creation of tasks in bulk through a downloadable CSV template provided in Tasks. We have also implemented support to upload the CSV template, parse and validate it, and then save it in databases.
  • Support for Approval Tasks – We have added a service method for Approval Tasks, a new type of tasks which allows managers and/or supervisors to approve or reject a particular form filled by a team member. This new feature is related to one of the upcoming workflow management additions we have in the pipeline.  
  • Support for the Delete Connector Functionality – The Delete Connector functionality allows Miracle Studio users to delete authentication and data connectors. MMP Services 1.11.2 includes support for this feature.

Updates in 1.11.2

  • Internal Name Updates in Pages & Forms – Services related to adding new forms and pages were updated to support the unique internal name update, which ensures all forms have unique internal names regardless of page type or parent page.
  • Partial Matching in ‘Assigned To’ Field – We have added the necessary support to ensure the display of partial as well as full matches when Miracle Studio users type names in the ‘Assigned to User(s)’ field in Tasks.
  • User Management Connector Enhancements – Enhancements were made to the Connectors services to support the new fields added to the User Management Connector: Joining Date, Phone Number (UI), City, and Country.

Fixes in 1.11.2

  • Task Related Bugs – We have implemented restrictions and rolled out enhancements to resolve issues related to the Task feature in both Miracle Studio and Miracle App.
  • User Management Connector Issues – We have made fixes to the UI and function of the User Management Connector.
  • Connector Bugs – We have resolved connector-related issues, including those affecting the mapping of controls.  
  • Asset Related Bugs – The issue affecting the update of assets in forms has been resolved.
  • Date/Time Picker Bug – We have fixed the issue affecting the function of the Date/Time Picker.
  • Email PDF Bug – We fixed the cache issue affecting newly added PDF templates.
  • Email Attachment Fixes – Users will now be prompted if certain special characters are not allowed in the Attachment Name field associated with the Email PDF trigger.
  • Migration Fixes – Issues detected in the Migration feature have been fixed.
  • Category Related Issue – A default icon will appear on Miracle Studio if a user does not set a category icon.
  • Main Page Issue – Main page restrictions have been established, preventing Container and Login page types from appearing in the Main Page drop down on Page Listing.
  • UI and Navigation Issues – We have fixed bugs related to the appearance of different screens in Miracle Studio and their navigation.  
  • Device Management Bugs – The bug affecting the display of values in the metadata database in Device Management has been resolved.
  • Notifications Bugs – We have resolved bugs related to notifications, including date/time handling issues caused by date formats and time zones.  
  • Signature Panel UI Issue – We have resolved the UI issue observed with the Signature control.
  • Trigger Issues – Issues related to Triggers in Miracle Studio have been fixed.