Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.15.0

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.15.02019-03-05T16:36:10+08:00

Bundled with Miracle Mobile App 1.0.77, Miracle Mobile Services 1.15.0 was released on 04 December 2018. It delivers the necessary support for two new features in Miracle Mobile App: Outbox Status Alerts and Resolve Problem Options.

New in 1.15.0

  • Resolve Problem Options – Miracle Mobile Services 1.15.0 includes support for the new options users can choose from if they cannot submit forms with outdated data, or if another user had already updated data on the server. These options are:
    • Overwrite data on the server – Users can choose this option to overwrite data on the server with their own.
    • Discard this submission – With this option, users’ form submissions will be removed from the Outbox and saved in Drafts instead.
    • Do nothing and get help from MiracleTek support team – With this option, users can raise a ticket to our support team.