Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.8.4

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.8.42019-03-05T15:49:06+08:00

In an effort to keep Miracle Mobile Platform Services up to date, we have rolled out 1.8.4 on 9 June, 2017. This version delivered improvements deemed necessary to support the enterprise mobile app development platform.

New in 1.8.4

  • Support for New Triggers – Several new triggers have been introduced with Miracle Studio 0.8.151, including ShowLogin to show the login page of the current app, and SetVariables to allow a page to set local variables based on the current form fields.

Updated in 1.8.4

  • Support for GetData Trigger – The GetData trigger in Miracle Studio offers users a new method to fetch data. It also allows syncing and retrieving data from backend databases in real-time.

Future Fixes

  • Empty Password Issue – We are working on resolving the issue related to the empty password feature, which is currently preventing users from using Miracle App without submitting a password.
  • Authentication Issue- The team is close to resolving the the authentication bug that affects some devices, causing them to display the authentication failure message.