Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.9.9

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.9.92019-03-05T16:11:06+08:00

Bundled with Miracle Studio 1.0.8, Miracle Mobile Platform Services 1.9.9 was released on Miracle Mobile’s third anniversary, 29 September, 2017. This release entails support for several new features and updates made to Miracle Studio, ensuring better business value and user experience.

New in 1.9.9

  • Support for Multiple Controls Mapped to a Single Entity – With this addition, data submitted from multiple repeater controls will be accurately stored in the same entity or mapped field.
  • Support for Version, CreatedOn, CreatedBy, ModifiedOn, and ModifiedBy Checks – These checks ensure that the data entered into entities is accurate. For instance, the Version verification feature checks the version of a form or page before updating an entity.  
  • Support for Partial Form Submission – We have added support to allow partial form submission. As a result, specific controls or sections on a page can be submitted rather than the whole form.
  • Support for Auto Login in WebView Control – We have updated WebView in Miracle Studio 1.0.8, eliminating the need to log into each instance of WebView every time a user logs into the same site. We have added the necessary support for this feature in 1.9.9.
  • Support for Auto Update Feature – We have added the support enabling Miracle App to check for updates by comparing the timestamps of categories, assets, pages, connectors, notifications, and settings with those on the server. If the app’s timestamp is older, updated app data will be fetched from the server. 
  • Update Record Functionality for SubmitData and SubmitLater Triggers – In addition to inserting data into data stores, the SubmitData and SubmitLater triggers will now perform an update function if the record’s primary key exists.

Updates in 1.9.9

  • Trigger Transactions – Users can configure triggers to make them transactional, i.e. dependent on one another. As a result, if a trigger or a sub-trigger fails to complete a transaction, all related actions or triggers will be rolled back.
  • Atomicity and Exclusion for MySQL Connector – From Miracle Studio 1.0.8, insertions and updates through connectors will be exclusive and atomic (indivisible such that all occur or nothing occurs). This reduces the chances of corruption caused by concurrent submissions by multiple users.

Fixes in 1.9.9  

  • Connector Fixes – We have carried out several fixes to enhance the functionality of connectors. For example, mandatory fields are now validated. Moreover, mapping issues have been resolved, ensuring numerical data is stored in databases as is.
  • Migration-Related Fixes – We have enhanced the migration feature by eliminating several bugs affecting the migration of application icons, pages, and triggers.
  • Login Fixes – We have fixed bugs reported for the login feature and related features such as Forgot Password.