Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.120

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1202019-03-05T15:21:16+08:00

We are proud to announce the release of the updated and more powerful Miracle Studio 0.8.120. We thank you for your constant feedback and rest assured that we incorporate it with every release of our mobile app development platform to ensure that it meets your needs better than ever.  

New in 0.8.120

  • Non-English Language Support – Miracle Studio 0.8.120 is the first release to support multilingual user interface and to take us a step further towards enabling Non-English speakers to configure their apps and data in their native tongue. Now, users can configure labels, store data in databases, and create PDFs for email in languages aside from English.
  • Cloning Collection of Controls – By duplicating a layout, the controls within it will be duplicated as well . This feature will save at least 30% of development time for Miracle Studio users

Updates in 0.8.120

  • ‘Previously Used’ Feature in the Color Picker– The color picker in Miracle Studio has been updated to ensure ease of use. Instead of 6 previously used colors, the feature now stores up to 24 colors. This makes styling the app easier for the designers and guarantees a consistent app theme.
  • Clear and Close Functions in Color Picker – With Miracle Studio 0.8.120, users can now click the Clear button (denoted by an X on top of the color picker) to remove the color they selected. They can also click on Cancel to close the Color Picker feature without making changes. In previous versions, users had  to click anywhere outside the color picker in order to close it.

Fixes in 0.8.120

  • Real Time App Updates – We have fixed the glitch causing delayed updates on the login page, category page, and forms. Now, updates can be fetched in the app as soon as they are published from Miracle Studio.
  • Respective Entity Migration in Forms – We also fixed the bug which caused all the entities of the source application to migrate to the target application whenever users migrated a form or a set of forms. Now, only the entities of the specified form will make their way to the target application.
  • List of Entities Displayed During Migration – In Miracle Studio 0.8.120, the list of entities being migrated will be displayed. Previously, the entities were not displayed despite successfully migrating.
  • Mappings in Migrated Forms Following Updates – Previously, any changes made to the forms of the source application were replicated in the target application without mappings. In this release, we have fixed this issue and now mappings are automatically created.

Known Issues and Interim Solutions

While saving forms in Google Chrome, users have reported seeing an error message indicating that their changes have not been saved. If they continue working on their forms and publish them, the controls they configure may be duplicated. We are currently working on this issue. In the meanwhile, we suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox while creating forms in Miracle Studio.