Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.126

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1262019-03-05T15:21:48+08:00

Miracle Studio 0.8.126 is here, and it’s more powerful than ever. Packed with new features and featuring many updates, the latest version incorporates the feedback of its users to meet their needs and deliver the optimal user experience.

NEW IN 0.8.126

  • Check In Feature – Check In, a  very important form-related feature, has been introduced. This feature prevents two users using the same form from overwriting each other’s changes. .
  • Changeable Tabs in Pager View – The PagerView control in Miracle Studio now allows users to change the sequence of tabs.
  • Font Styles Support – Users can now select Font Styles in Miracle Studio, further customizing the text of their forms.

Updates in 0.8.126

  • Improved Properties Panel – General improvements and fixes have been made to the Miracle Studio Properties Panel.
  • Refined Form Data Submission – Submission of forms’ data in the target data store has been made more robust.
  • Enhanced PDF Email Feature – The PDF email feature has been updated to become  steadier and more reliable.

Fixes in 0.8.126

  • Validations on Color Pickers – Validations have been applied to color values in all color pickers.
  • Validations on Email Configuration Properties – Validations on email configuration properties have been applied.
  • Validations on Font Size and Height – Validations on font height and font size have been applied.