Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.129

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1292019-03-05T15:31:18+08:00

Miracle Studio 0.8.129 has been rolled out. The latest version incorporates the feedback of users to meet their needs and deliver the optimal user experience.

NEW in 0.8.129

  • ‘Publish & Check In’ Button – The ‘Publish & Check In’ button complements the Check In feature rolled out in MiracleStudio 0.8.126. It performs two actions simultaneously: it publishes the form and checks it in so that other users can edit it.  

UPDATES in 0.8.129

  • Improved Email Functionality – The new version of MiracleStudio aims to make email more reliable. Emails will be tracked to ensure they are delivered to recipients. The server will also automatically retry sending emails that failed to be delivered.  

 FIXES IN 0.8.129

  • Identifier Duplication Issue – The issue of identifier duplication while saving drafts has been resolved.  
  • Color Field in Page Designer – Previously, users could only select a single color using the color picker. In this release, we have fixed this issue. Users can now add multiple colors’ hex values separated by commas.