Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.138

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1382019-03-05T15:33:26+08:00

We’re proud to reveal the first update of Miracle Studio for 2017: Miracle Studio 0.8.138.

We have successfully eliminated a considerable number of bugs, further optimizing Miracle Studio 0.8.138 to meet users’ needs and deliver the optimal experience they have grown accustomed to while using our enterprise mobile app development platform.

NEW IN 0.8.138

  • Font Properties for the Segmented Control – Users adding segmented controls to their forms or pages can now choose a font and define its size through the Font Name and Font Size properties.
  • Warning Before Deleting Categories – As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure better usability, we added warning messages to alert users as they attempt to delete categories having forms associated with them. This feature protects important forms from being irreversibly deleted and permanently affecting users’ app.
  • Pagination for Connectors’ Page – To improve navigation through long lists of connectors, we have introduced pagination to the Connections page. This, in turn, prevents excessive scrolling and saves users’ time.
  • Access to Apps Without Authentication – In previous versions of MiracleStudio, users were prompted to add a login page to authenticate end users. However, in version  0.8.138, login pages are optional. Now, end users can directly access Miracle App’s categories page without logging in. This feature is especially beneficial for the creation of simple apps that are accessible to everyone.

UPDATES IN 0.8.138

  • Limiting Migration to Published Version of  Forms – In MiracleStudio 0.8.138, draft versions of forms will not migrate to the target application. Only published version of the forms will be,  accessible on the latter.

FIXES IN 0.8.138

  • General Bug Fixes – We have fixed many minor and major bugs in Page Publishing, Page Migration, Triggers, Control Properties, Notifications, and Connectors.