Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.146

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1462019-03-05T15:35:16+08:00

Released on 22 May, 2017, Miracle Studio 0.8.146 is a more stable version of Miracle Mobile’s enterprise mobile application development platform. The focus of this release was to update existing features and resolve the issues users have experienced, some of which have been listed below.

Updates in 0.8.146

  • Auto Activation of New Accounts – Before Miracle Studio 0.8.146, users signing up for the platform had to wait for a confirmation email before they could use it. This at times meant being unable to use Miracle Studio before the next business day. However, new users’ accounts will now be automatically activated upon signing up.
  • More Options for the Basic Plan – Users opting for the free Basic plan can use Miracle Studio as long as they want rather than be restricted to the 30-day limit set in previous versions. Moreover, users can now create up to five forms.
  • Miracle Studio UI Improvements – We have made several changes to Miracle Studio’s interface to deliver better user experience.
  • User Friendly Error Messages – We have created and added a more user-friendly collection of error messages across Miracle Mobile to guide users while interacting with the platform.  
  • Connector-Related Improvements – Miracle Mobile’s pre-built connectors have been improved to effectively meet users’ needs. We have especially improved the User Management Connector, adding validations to ensure the accuracy of data entered in several fields.
  • UI Improvements – We have improved the interface of Miracle Studio to ensure uniformity across the platform.

Fixes in 0.8.146

  • Session Expiration Issues – To better accommodate multiple users sharing a single device, users’ sessions will expire properly once they sign out of Miracle Studio 0.8.146.
  • Migration Issues – We have fixed several bugs related to the Migration feature, allowing application properties to be properly copied to the target application.