Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.151

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1512019-03-05T15:36:01+08:00

Released on 9 June, 2017, Miracle Studio 0.8.151 features several updates, stabilizing the enterprise mobile application development platform and delivering more business value to users.

New in 0.8.151

  • Main Page Feature – Form designers can now select which page app users see once they successfully log into Miracle App. Through the Main Page drop down menu (located at the top of the Pages & Forms page in Miracle Studio), designers can deliver better app navigation to users.
  • New Set of Triggers – Miracle Studio 0.8.151 introduced a new set of triggers to complement the functionality of existing ones. In addition to triggers for supporting logout and client-side registration, we have introduced triggers to show different pages of Miracle App such as ShowSettings and ShowSync.
  • SetVariables Trigger – One of the newest triggers, SetVariables allows a page to set local variables based on the current form fields. Form designers can then use the values of these local variables across forms.
  • Support for Anonymous Logins – If a login page is designed with the ShowCategory or NavigatePage triggers, app users will be anonymously logged in.

Updated in 0.8.151

  • Updated Error Messages and Prompts – We have added several prompts to inform users of possible errors, ensuring smoother operation.
  • Form Submission to Submission Queue – Previously, tapping on a button with the SubmitData trigger would bypass the Submission Queue and submit forms directly to data stores. Now, forms will appear in the Sync page first and then the Submission Queue.

Fixes in 0.8.151

  • UI Issues – We have enhanced Miracle Studio’s user interface to deliver a more consistent experience to users.
  • Control Configuration Issues – We have resolved the bugs associated with control properties in Page Designer.