Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.154

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.1542019-03-05T15:37:02+08:00

Released on 12 July, 2017, Miracle Studio 0.8.154 delivers a more stable user experience. In 0.8.154, our team has worked hard to eliminate the issues and bugs reported in previous versions. Two new features have also been added to Page Designer, giving business users more control over designing forms and pages.

New in 0.8.154

  • Expression Editor – Where values can be set by expressions, users can click a small box to launch the Expression Editor. This feature allows users to see expressions on a separate screen, reducing chances of error while entering complex expressions.
  • Set as Main Page Button – From the Pages & Forms page, users can click on the Set as Main Page button (depicted by a thumbtack icon) next to a page’s name to set it as a main page. This ensures users set a main page, improving mobile app navigation and design.
  • More PDF Output Options – From the properties of controls such as TextBox and Picker, users can define whether their entries are shown in the PDF output. Moreover, they can specify the text of the labels appearing next to the entered data in the emailed file.

Fixes in 0.8.154

  • User Management Connector Issues – Our team has resolved several issues to improve the performance of Miracle Mobile User Management Connector.
  • General Fixes – We have resolved a number of bugs to improve the UI of Miracle Studio and ensure that control properties are working properly.

Future Fixes

  • Miracle Studio Compatibility with IE 11 and Earlier – We are adding the final touches to allow Miracle Studio to run seamlessly on Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions. In the meanwhile, we recommend using IE Edge or other browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari.