Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.77

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.772019-03-05T15:26:48+08:00

Happy Monday! We have another reason to be happy today, and that is the release of Miracle Studio 0.8.77.

New in 0.8.77

  • Custom Application Icon – Custom application icon support is available now.
  • Choice of View for Mobile App – Users can now choose between List view and Tile View to display categories on the home page of mobile apps.
  • Search Enabled in Assets – Searching and pagination has been enabled on Assets list screen.
  • New Fields Mobile Device Management – Several new fields have been added to the list of client mobile devices such as “First Metadata Update”, “Last Metadata Update”, and “Last Seen”.
  • Revoke User Rights Mobile Device Management – Now administrators can revoke a user’s rights, restricting their access a particular mobile app.
  • Basic App Settings – An App Settings screen are now available. From it, a user can configure basic app settings through this screen.

Updated in 0.8.77

  • Page Designer – Controls’ Gallery Style has been changed. Control icons are larger in size and clearly visible now.
  • Page Designer: Controls Gallery is now segregated into four Tabs.
  • Connectors Page User Interface – The user interface of the connectors listing page has been modified. Connectors are now displayed in a grid with prominent icons rather than in a list.
  • Migration User Interface- User Interface has been made intuitive user friendly.

Fixed in 0.8.77

  1. Migration Bug – Connectors’ ID migration issue has been fixed now
  2. Test Connector Bug – ‘Test Connector’ function has been restored to normal working