Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.86

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 0.8.862018-11-08T15:28:45+08:00

Miracle Studio 0.8.86 was released on 08 Dec 2015, delivering more functionality to enterprise users. We have also carried out several improvements and bug fixes to ensure the stability of the platform.

New in 0.8.86

  • Multiple Uploads for Media Assets – The option to upload multiple images in one go has been added.
  • Drag and Drop Upload for Media Assets – The option to add image files by drag and drop is available in this release.
  • Cloning Controls – The option to clone a control is now available. With a single click, users can create a duplicate of a control, with exactly the same properties set for the original control.
  • Multiple Control Setup – A new feature has been introduced to save users’ time. They now can select multiple controls and set their common properties all at once.

Updated in 0.8.86

  • Automated Naming of Media Assets – Asset name is now set automatically at the time of upload. Users can change it later on from edit screen.
  • Password Policy on Registration Page- Password policy has been clearly mentioned under password field on registration page.

Fixed in 0.8.86

  1. Page Designer Issues – Picker control data source properties work fine now. Previously values input in these properties were lost.
  2. Registration Issues – Captcha control displays image now. The maximum length validations are also implemented now on registration form fields. Moreover, Sign In option is now available on the top header.