Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.0.20

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.0.202019-03-05T15:40:25+08:00

Released on 25 January 2018, Miracle Studio 1.0.20 further enhances user friendliness and speedy enterprise mobile app design with its latest control, the Sub Form. With several updates to add, Miracle Mobile Forms delivers better business value to users and ensures enhanced usability.  

New in 1.0.20

Sub Forms Control – Sub Form is a new control in Miracle Studio. It allows form designers to create a block of controls which can be re-used in different forms.  This saves the time otherwise spent on re-designing the same fields for multiple forms.

Like Pages and Forms, a Sub Form can be added to generated PDFs and migrated to other apps along with their dependencies. There are, however, certain limitations to this control.

  1. A Sub Form is designed separately, but it is not an independent identity. This means form users should create a Form or Page to include the Sub Form.
  2. Sub Forms cannot be used within Repeater controls, and vice versa.
  3. Sub Forms cannot be used within List View controls, and vice versa.
  4. A Sub Form cannot have more than one identity.

Updates in 1.0.20

  • Updated Page Listing Page – We have made several improvements to the Page Listing page in Miracle Studio to enhance user experience. For starters, users can now view Pages, Forms, and/or Sub Forms by clicking on one of the filters on the top of the page. We have also removed the “Active” and “Parent Page” columns and the “Main Page” drop down to further simplify the user interface.
  • Updated Screens for Create Page and Edit Page – Create Page and Edit Page screens have been simplified to only show the basic fields required for respectively creating and editing pages. Fields such as Page Template can be accessed by clicking on the Advanced button.
  • Automatic Internal Name Population – One of the changes made to the Create Page is the automatic population of the Internal Name field. The Internal Name of a page is now based on the title set by the user, further simplifying the creation of pages.