Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.0.23

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.0.232019-03-05T15:41:18+08:00

Released on 26 February, 2018, Miracle Studio 1.0.23 promises enterprises even more business value and higher workforce efficiency. The updated mobile form designer introduces two new features, the Tasks feature and Scheduled Notifications, and delivers an enhanced user interface for the Notifications page.

New in 1.0.23

  • Tasks Feature – Available under Manage in Miracle Studio, the new Tasks feature allows form designers, managers, and/or supervisors to assign tasks to single or multiple Miracle App users. A push notification then prompts users to check and complete assigned tasks.
  • Scheduled Notifications – Miracle Studio 1.0.23 rolls out the Send Later functionality for Push Notifications. Through it, users can define a date and time for sending notifications to Miracle App users.

Updates in 1.0.23

  • Improved Notifications Page – As part of our platform simplification efforts, we have revamped the Notifications page. We have replaced certain columns to focus on more important details such as the content and status of notifications.

Fixes in 1.0.23

  • Push Notification Fixes – Several fixes were made to the Push Notification service, ensuring better user experience.