Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.1.15

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.1.152019-04-28T22:36:25+08:00

Miracle Studio 1.1.15 was rolled out on 27 July, 2018. This is a major release which delivers four new features to enhance mobile forms and data security. The mobile form designer has also received several updates to improve user experience further.

New in 1.1.15

  • Integration with Microsoft Flow – Miracle Studio now offers support for Microsoft Flow, a tool for creating and automating workflows across applications and services. In addition to streamlining enterprises’ activities, this new addition will connect mobile forms to over 200 data sources including Google Drive, Azure SQL Data, and SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connector – The newest addition to our list of Miracle Connectors, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connector enables the integration of Miracle Mobile Forms with one of the top identity management solutions. It authenticates users using Microsoft Azure Active Directory before syncing their identitities.
  • Dynamic PDF Logo – Starting from Miracle Studio 1.1.15, form designers can define different logos for generated PDF files based on the information submitted with the form. For instance, if a user selects “Project A” from a dropdown menu in a form, the PDF generated will display the logo defined for Project A. If a dynamic PDF logo isn’t configured, the default logo will be displayed.

Updates in 1.1.15

  • Page Publication Details – Starting from this update, Miracle Studio will maintain records of who published a page, or modified then saved it.
  • Simplification and UI/UX Improvements – As part of our constant efforts to improve Miracle Mobile Forms, we have improved the design and content of Miracle Studio sign-up email interactions and post sign-up screens.
  • Precise Warning Messages – We have expanded our collection of error messages to deliver more precise descriptions and enhance user experience.
  • Landscape Orientation for PDF Output – Form designers can now define whether to display the output PDF in portrait or landscape orientation from the EmailPDF trigger.

Fixes in 1.1.15

  • UI Issues – We have resolved bugs affecting the appearance of UI elements as well as whole pages in Miracle Studio.
  • Migrate Apps Bug – The Migrate App feature has been fixed to ensure it works smoothly.
  • User Management Connector Issues – Fixes were made to the User Management Connector to ensure optimal performance.
  • Repeater Control Bug – Major changes have been made to improve the performance of the Repeater control.
  • Triggers Issue – Triggers in Miracle Studio have been optimized in the latest release.
  • Mapping Bug – Mapping fields to database tables, both manually and via Manage Data Storage, is functioning properly.