Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.1.6

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.1.62019-03-05T15:43:16+08:00

On 10 May 2018, Miracle Mobile rolled out the latest version of its mobile forms designer, Miracle Studio 1.1.6.  In addition to giving more control to form designers, the updated Miracle Studio delivers enhanced performance and better user experience.

New in 1.1.6

  • Enable/Disable Miracle App Clone Functionality – Miracle Studio users can now enable or disable the cloning feature which duplicates forms in the Submitted Queue in Miracle App.

Updates in 1.1.6

  • Revamped Sign Up Page We rolled out a new sign up page for new users interested in Miracle Studio. In addition to improved navigation, the page automatically detects users’ countries via geo-location.

Fixes in 1.1.6

  • Actions/Triggers Issues – Issues related to the Actions/Triggers feature have been fixed, including those related to validations.
  • Email PDF Trigger Bug – PDF file names in the EmailPDF Trigger have been configured to only allow alphanumeric characters. Users will be prompted to remove any special characters they add in PDF file names.
  • Task Related Issues – We fixed bugs related to Task to improve the feature’s overall performance.
  • Bulk Task Fixes – Improvements were made to the Bulk Task function and UI for added clarity.