Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.118

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.1182019-09-03T13:15:22+08:00

Miracle Mobile App 1.0.118 has been released to Apple App Store and Microsoft Store. The latest version of the mobile forms app is the most stable version, offering improved form submission.

New in 1.0.118

  • Tracking ID in Sent and Outbox – App users will notice the addition of an ID with their submissions in Sent and Outbox in Miracle Mobile App. This allows us to better monitor submissions and improve tracking.

Fixes in 1.0.118

  • Form Submission Issue – We have fixed the issue which led to some users not receiving the email/PDF output of submitted forms, or affected the creation of database records against a submission despite Miracle Mobile App indicating successful submission.