Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.38 (Android and Windows)

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.38 (Android and Windows)2019-03-05T16:58:10+08:00

Released to Google Play and the Microsoft Store on 28 February 2018, Miracle App 1.0.38 promises enterprises and their employees higher efficiency through a new feature: the My Tasks page. The app also features an improved notification service, ensuring enhanced performance and effective communication.

New in 1.0.38

  • My Tasks Page – Miracle App users can view tasks assigned to them by Miracle Studio users through the My Tasks page. Tasks may either comprise of instructions to carry out a certain activity or contain a form which needs to be filled. In addition to displaying current tasks, the My Tasks Page allows users to view completed forms by tapping on a toggle button at the top. Users can also clear completed tasks by tapping on the Clear Complete Task button.

Fixes in 1.0.38

  • Push Notification Issues – We have resolved the issues affecting the performance of push notifications.