Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.47

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.472019-03-05T16:59:16+08:00

The latest version of Miracle App, version 1.0.47, was released to App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store on 30 April 2018. Complementing the newest additions to Miracle Studio 1.1.3 and MMP Services 1.11.2, the app delivers new features, updates and fixes which improve data collection and task management to provide better value for business users.

New in 1.0.47

  • Pre-Filled Forms – Miracle App 1.0.47 users can now fill and submit forms with pre-filled fields. Not only does this save time, it also ensures the accuracy of collected data.
  • Approval Tasks – Managers and/or supervisors can now review tasks submitted by their team members before approving or rejecting them in the Task Detail Screen. This is a new feature which is related to one of the upcoming workflow management additions we have in the pipeline. 

Updates in 1.0.47

  • My Task Enhancements – Several improvements have been made to fetching tasks in the app. Now, tasks will be automatically fetched whenever a user logs in to Miracle App, after they mark a task as completed, or after updating the application.
  • Non-Blocking Fetching and Submission – Data (e.g., forms and tasks) is fetched and submitted in the background without affecting the functionality of the app. Loaders are shown below the navigation bar to indicate progress accordingly.
  • Deletion Prompts – Users will be prompted with a confirmation prior to deleting any item within a repeater control field. This will prevent users from deleting data by mistake.
  • ‘Clear Completed Tasks’ Button Enhancements – In addition to completed tasks, the ‘Clear Completed Tasks’ button now also removes approved and rejected tasks.

Fixes in 1.0.47

  • UI Issues – Platform-specific UI issues have been fixed in Miracle App 1.0.47.  
  • Location Control Issue – We have resolved the issue affecting devices’ mapping applications from correctly displaying coordinates fetched via the location control.
  • Fixes for the Date and Date/Time Fields – We have fixed issues related to the Date and Date/Time fields in Miracle App.
  • Push Notification Issues – We have fixed issues related to push notifications in Miracle App.
  • Drafts Screen Issues – We have resolved the issues of the Drafts screen in the app to ensure smooth performance.
  • Signature Related Bugs – Bugs affecting the appearance of signatures in both the app and PDF email output have been fixed.
  • Trigger Related Issues – Issues affecting triggers such as the Close trigger have been resolved.