Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.66

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile App 1.0.662019-03-05T17:00:47+08:00

Published to Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store on 02 October 2018, Miracle Mobile App 1.0.66 introduces three new and exciting features. The User Control will help further streamline task management in the future. Meanwhile, users can enjoy the new custom branding feature (configurable in Miracle Studio) and the Outbox submission feature.  

New in 1.0.66

  • User Control – Introduced with Miracle Studio 1.2.4, the User control allows Miracle Mobile App users to search and select teammates from configured User Management and/or Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connectors. Upon entering a name and tapping on the search icon, the app display a list of users who match the search criteria.
  • Custom Branding for App – Miracle Mobile App can now be customized to reflect a company’s branding. From Miracle Studio, form designers can change the customize the colors of the background, foreground, and toolbar items (e.g. icons) in Miracle Mobile App’s navigation bar to match their companies’ colors.
  • View Outbox Submissions Feature – App users can now open and view forms pending in submission in the Outbox section.

Fixes in 1.0.66

  • Binding Issue – The binding issue affecting the Repeater and Picker controls have been resolved.
  • My Tasks Bug – The bug affecting the task list in My Tasks has been fixed.
  • Autocomplete Bug – We have fixed the issue affecting the appearance of long texts in the autocomplete control.